Hotel Guide: KK Suites Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

During our trip in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, we were able to stay at one of the good hotels around the place. We stayed at KK Suites Hotel. which is located at Jalan Gaya. I can say the location is great as Jalan Gaya is a long stretch of local restaurants and cafes in KK. Also, during Sundays, they hold here a Sunday Market from 5:30AM – 1:00PM. Each room in this hotel features a unique bird, which is nice and informative.


Before I booked this hotel, I’ve done my research and have searched too little about it. However, it was given good reviews from Agoda and TripAdvisor. I’ve been able to contact one of their personnel, Yoong, and he’s been so accommodating even though I haven’t booked yet. He even offered me tours as well.

KK Suites - Google Street View
Photo from Google Street View

I got the accommodation from Agoda at a discounted rate, hoping that we don’t get disappointed when we arrive and see the hotel personally. Well, it was a good deal at a nicely rated hotel in TripAdvisor. So I’m guessing I had a great catch.


We arrived at the hotel too early in the morning. It was 2 in the morning. The street is quiet and the lobby has its lights out. Frank asked me “Do they really turn off the lights at night?”. It’s an odd thing to do for a hotel. However, I said maybe it is a custom/tradition to save electricity in KK. Who knows?

Anyway, the lobby is quite simple and homey. Receptionists are all friendly and smiling always. They consistently greet guests coming in and out. Yoong, as always, has been a great help on our trip as he was the one I was asking questions to regarding transportation, advice where to go, etc. And he’s prompt at replying. Even late in the evening, he still replies to my queries. It’s great also that he’s fluent in English as most people in KK is having a hard time with the language.


Elevator is somewhat old but still works great. Corridors are properly cleaned and maintained. As for the rooms, it is small but comfortable for me and Frank. It is also clean. The bed is soft and cozy, giving us a good sleep. The bathroom is spacious and well-lit. The room also has safe box, hangers for clothes, kettle, cups and coffee, and a TV. However, for tourists like us, we don’t have anything to watch on the TV as there are no English versions or subtitles at least.



Frankcess 2

Overall, I did had a great catch. At the price I got for this hotel, I definitely got more than expected. (They even gave us one pack of Malaysian Coffee when we are heading home. 😉 )


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