Glamping at Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales

My friends and I decided to have our Christmas party this year on a beach since it has been a while since our last getaway. We chose to go to Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso, Zambales for some surfing. Surfing is not my thing because honestly, my balance is terrible. However, you all know I would try anything even though I know I would suck at it.

So anyway, the initial plan is to be on the bus station (Victory Liner – Pasay) at 4AM. Unfortunately but expectedly we were all late. We were not able to catch the bus that will be directly going to Iba, Zambales. So, we have to ride on a bus going to Olongapo and from there, another bus ride to Iba, Zambales and get off at San Narciso (Landmark is San Sebastian Parish Church). Last ride would be a tricycle to reach Crystal Beach Resort.

We wanted to try glamping, which is another reason why we chose Crystal Beach Resort. They are offering an accommodation they call “glamping” or glamourous camping. It is the same concept as camping, which is outdoor, no own CR, and on a tent. The only difference is you get to have your own bed and mattress. They also provide electric fans and you will have your own power supply. Towels, toiletries, blankets are also provided.

SURFING, of course! It is best to go here during rainy/windy season for great waves. The rent for the surf board (1 hour) is 200 pesos and if  you’re a beginner and wants a personal instructor, an additional 200 pesos would be charged.

There are restaurants inside the beach resort, however for cheaper option, you may bring your own food as Crystal Beach Resort does not charge corkage for food brought inside the resort. Unfortunately, drinks do have a corkage fee per bottle. I think, per bottle, 50 pesos for beers and 200 pesos for hard liquors.

The Crystal Beach Management conducted a movie screening during our stay. It was held at the beach where they set-up small tables, blankets and pillows for some of the guests. After the movie, a guest band will perform for the whole night.

Our group did not join this activity as we preferred to be on a far spot from the noise coming from the event. We conducted our annual exchange gifts then more… more… more… kwentuhan.

Our accommodation has a buffet breakfast inclusion. The breakfast was okay, nothing fancy. The line was sooooo long before you were able to get your second plate. I would recommend that they setup another buffet station to solve this problem. What I like was the ambiance and decors on the restaurant.

Ride a tricycle to San Sebastian Church. You have to wait for buses that comes along. You can ride buses going to Cubao/Pasay/Sampaloc/Caloocan, however these buses are usually full. So other option is to ride buses going back to Olongapo. Then from there, hop on the buses going to Cubao/Pasay/Sampaloc/Caloocan.

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