Arrival in Kansai Airport — How We Slept in the Airport

After months of planning our Japan trip for 2017, we’re finally here!!! This trip will be spent very thrifty. We’ve allotted a budget of 20,000 pesos or 45,454.55 yen (0.44 pesos = 1 yen) each for 11 days. Good luck to us, as Japan is known as one of the most expensive countries to travel on.

Before we depart Philippines, the goal is to find ways how can we achieve spending only our 20,000 pesos for the whole trip. That would be approximately 1,818 pesos allowance per day. Hmmm. First, we’ve searched for affordable places to stay. Of course, what would it be but to rent an AirBnB. 2,000 pesos worth of apartment rental per night is a great catch.

Next, one of the most pricey expense in Japan is the transportation. Good thing Japan offers different transportation cards for foreign tourists. The variety is really really wide so be careful in choosing which card you should take. For us, we chose ICOCA + HARUKA, KYOTO 1-DAY BUS PASS and KANSAI THRU PASS.

  • ICOCA + HARUKA – ICOCA is a prepaid card which you can use on almost all transportation mode, restaurants and shops within Japan. It can be bundled with Haruka, which is a train line that connects you from Kansai Airport to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara.
  • KYOTO 1-DAY BUS PASS – All tourist spots in Kyoto can be reach via bus. One bus ride costs 230 yen (minimum). So it would be a great way to save if you would buy this 1-day bus pass as this only costs 500 yen. It gives you unlimited bus ride for the whole day.
  • KANSAI THRU PASS – We will be exploring also Osaka, Kobe, Nara and Koyasan. In line with this, it is better for us to use this card as this entitles you for unlimited train and bus rides (excluding JR lines) for 2 or 3 days.

So I guess we’re ready. Our flight to Osaka is through Cebu Pacific. We will be leaving manila by 3:05PM and will be arriving in Osaka by 7:55PM.

We will be arriving late in the evening and there’s no way we can visit any attractions anymore, so we decided to stay in the Kansai Airport for the night. This way we can save more money.

Sleeping in Kansai Airport is not comfortable but definitely easier than in any other airports we’ve been. There are a lot of locals and foreigners sleeping here as trains are only operated until 12 midnight. One good thing is blankets can be rented free of charge by 11pm to keep you warm. While to keep you full, several convenience store are open 24 hours like Lawson and Family Mart. Also, there are many outlets where you can charge your electronic devices plus you get to have free WiFi for your whole stay here.

What’s shocking is the shower facilities KIX offers its passengers. For a minimal fee, you can use their shower rooms for 15 minutes. Don’t worry because once you turn off the shower, the timer stops as well. You will also be given a hair dryer and towels once you enter.

Overall, Kansai Airport is a very bearable airport to sleep in. Now I know why it is listed in Top Airports to Stay Overnight.

Below is our vlog about our stay in Kansai International Airport. Enjoy!

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