How to Apply Japanese Tourist Visa for Filipinos

So yeah. our travel dream is coming true… to travel to Japan! We’ve snatched a good deal from Cebu Pacific, although I must admit it is not the greatest deal they offer. Anyway, we got our tickets for only Php5,870. I know some people get it for only Php 3000 to 4000 but hey, ours is not bad at all!

Before this dream to happen, we wouldn’t be able to fly to Japan without having our visas. To know more about how to get your Japanese visa, you may refer to the Japanese Embassy website, but here are the basic requirements you need to submit:
– It has to be valid for at least six months and with at least two blank pages left. Don’t submit damaged passports as they will refuse to accept it.
– You can get this forms via your chosen accredited agency or you can also get it here. You may refer to this sample filled-out form for your guidance.
– You only need one of this. Most of photo studios already have packages for different visas. Just tell them it’s for Japanese Visa. Anyway, for your reference, it must be 4.5cm x 4.5cm. It has to have a white background. No jewelries worn.
– You can visit the nearest NSO office in your location of get it online.

* If the NSO certificate is not clear, a birth certificate from the local civil registrar is required.
* If there is no registration of live birth in the NSO, submit a Certificate of Non-Record from the NSO and a birth certificate from the local civil registrar instead.
* If the birth certificate is a late registration, a birth certificate from the local civil registrar, the original baptismal certificate, the school record (Form 137 or school report card), and school yearbook are required. Note that you also need to submit the contact number of the church and the school.
– This is required for married applicants. You can also get it from NSO. If there is no record, you may submit a certificate of non-record together with marriage contract from the local civil registry.
– It may not be very detailed. It just have to show the overview of each day of your stay in Japan. I think this is used to estimate how much will you spend in Japan and verify with your bank certificate if you can sustain it.
– As I said, the amount on your bank account must be sufficient to support your stay in Japan. There is no known amount that should be in your account but for us, we made sure to have at least six-digit amount in ours. Bank certificate must be within three months upon submission of requirements.
– You can get it from your employer if you’re employed. If you don’t have one, you can write a letter addressed to the embassy stating why you don’t have.

After you’ve gathered all the documents you need, you may now choose an accredited travel agency. In applying for Japanese visa, no need for personal appearance in the embassy. You may submit all documents via an accredited agency and just wait for your visa. As for us, we’ve submitted ours at Reli Tours & Travel Agency in Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati. It costs us Php 950. Within 2 days we have received our visas, even though Reli Tours told us to wait for 7-9 days. Other accredited agencies are Attic Tours Phils., Discovery Tour, Rajah Travel Corp., Universal Holidays and Friendship Tours. There are different fees depending on your chosen agency.

And at last, just wait for the call/text of the agency if your passport is ready for pick-up. Reli tours does not disclose through phone if your visa is approved or not. You will only know the result until you have your passport on hand.

* You can submit additional documents supporting your financial capabilities such as stock certificate, land titles, etc.

Good luck to all applicants! 😉

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    1. What travel agency did you apply to? For us, we applied with Reli Tours. It actually depends on the rate of the travel agencies. Some charges 1,000 pesos, some 900 and some requires 1,200 pesos. 🙂

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