Momofuku Ando Ramen Museum: Let’s Make Our Own Ramen

One main tourist destination in Ikeda, Osaka, Japan is the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum. It is opened in Ikeda as this is where the world’s first instant noodles, “Chicken Ramen” was invented. Momofuku Ando is the creator and founder of Nissin Foods and invented the “Chicken Ramen”.

Statue of Momofuku Ando, founder of Nissin Foods


The museum is open from 09:30AM – 04:00PM, however, they will only accept visitors until 03:30PM. There are no entrance fee, however, if you want to experience the basics of invention and discovery of the said ramen, you can reserve and pay for a slot in the “Chicken Ramen Factory”, where you can make your own ramen from scratch. You can also visit the “My Cupnoodles Factory”, where you can design your own noodle cup and choose the flavors and toppings of your own cupnoodles.

Inside the Cupnoodles Factory

As for us, we’ve only been able to visit the “My Cupnoodles Factory” because we have not made it to the cut-off time for the “Chicken Ramen Factory”. Well anyway, it’s been a great experience as well.

Buying my empty cup for 300 yen

An empty cup in “My Cupnoodles Factory” costs 300 yen. You can buy them at a vendo machine inside the factory. After which, you must sanitize you hands with their hand sanitizers. You will also be given covers for your cups to make sure no germs can enter your cups. At last, you may now draw anything you like on your cup. You will be asked to sit on one of their tables where several colored pens are placed. You can use them for the decorations. Also, if you don’t have anything in mind to draw, you will be given a chicken guide, where you can copy their cartoonized chickens.

The drawing area
Where you can choose your own noodles and toppings
Francess’ drawing
Frank’s drawing

Finally, you may now give your cups at the factory where the noodles will be placed inside and then you may choose your desired flavor and toppings. Take note, you may only choose four even though you might want to put it all. Haha. It will then be covered and sealed before you can put in in a case which will also be provided to you.

Cupnoodle Factory Station
Our chosen toppings
Case for the finished noodle cup
Frank’s finished product
Francess’ finished product

Anyway, if you like to watch the whole process, below is our vlog inside the museum:

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